October 13th, 2007
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Journaling is a great tool for anyone who is going through something as emotional as an unplanned pregnancy. Not only can journaling be healthy and healing for your soul, according to Psych Central, journaling can reduce stress and help you improve or maintain good physical health.

Your journal can be a place where you can write your innermost private thoughts and feelings, your rants and rages, your fears about adoption or being a parent, your dreams for your child, and much more. The options for what you can write in journal are endless although at times, I know it can be very hard for some to think of what to write about, so I have come up with a list of twenty journal prompts. Use the prompts below to get you started and expand on the questions. I have tried to gear these questions so that they work for an unplanned pregnancy regardless of whether you are making an adoption plan or a parenting plan. Of course, if there is one that makes you feel uncomfortable then don’t By using these journal prompts, you will get into the habit of journaling and eventually, you may not even need them anymore!


1. When/how did you find out you were pregnant?
2. Who was the first person you told you were pregnant?
3. Where were you and when did you feel your baby first move or kick?
4. Did you have an ultrasound yet? What was it like?
5. Do you have a name chosen for your baby? If so, what is it and why did you chose it?
6. What has been the craziest piece of pregnancy related advice you have received thus far?
7. What is your biggest fear about labor and delivery?
8. Have you had any weird pregnancy cravings or any abnormal aversions to foods you usually enjoy?
9. How much weight have you gained? When did you have to start wearing maternity clothes?
10. What were your first pregnancy symptoms? Did you have morning sickness?
11. How many times have strangers touched your belly?
12. Who has been your biggest support person during your pregnancy?
13. What pressures and frustrations are you feeling right now?
14. What are your hopes and dreams for your child’s life?
15. What changes have you noticed most in your body during pregnancy?
16. Describe your most comfortable and fondest piece of maternity clothing. Where did it come from? What does it look like?
17. How active is your baby in your belly? Have you noticed any patterns of when he/she is asleep or awake?
18. Do you know the sex of your baby or do you plan to find out the sex of your baby before he/she is born? Do you have any preferences as to whether your baby is a boy or a girl? If so, why?
19. Have you had any humorous pregnancy moments during your pregnancy?
20. Who do you wish to be with you while you give birth and why?

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2 Responses to “Weekend Fun with Journaling Prompts”

  1. I encourage mothers to keep a pregnancy journal like “normal” expectant mothers. The Belly Book leaves room for weekly photos and can allow a mother considering placement to really cherish her pregnancy AND remind herself that she IS a real mother.

  2. Coley S. says:

    Great suggestion, Jenna! I just ordered the Belly Book for a friend since you had spoken so highly of it before!

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