September 15th, 2007
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Have you been taking any photos during your pregnancy? If not, you should be! Who cares how big you are; pregnancy is the one time that you can get away with it so take advantage of it and celebrate it. Besides, the photos that you take during your pregnancy can be a great keepsake regardless of whether or not you ultimately decide to parent or place your child for adoption. Your child may also find them funny to look at one day too.

I admit that I didn’t take very many photos during either of my pregnancies. It’s something that I now regret. I can recall maybe one photo from my pregnancy with Noah and one or two photos from my pregnancy with Charlie, but they were just snapshots and I’m not even sure if you can see my belly in them. That’s one of my regrets about both my pregnancies – that I didn’t enjoy them a bit more, take more photos, and celebrate the moments of pregnancies. I do understand though that it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and stressed during an unplanned pregnancy, so enjoying the pregnancy and taking photos and what not, can be last on your mind, but now I’m reminding you so grab a camera, a friend, and start shooting.


With digital cameras being so common nowadays, taking pictures in the comfort of your own home is a breeze! And if you don’t own a digital camera, you probably have a friend who does. Try taking photos during different intervals of your pregnancy to show belly growth. Start early in your pregnancy even when there isn’t much of a belly. Consider wearing the same outfit in each photo to see how the clothes hang in the early stages of showing and then are tight in the latter stages pregnancy and stand near the same wall or door in each photo. You may want to do one with each time with your bare belly showing too. Being consistent with the way the photos are taken will make the progression stand out more.

So don’t be shy. Strike a pose and say cheese!

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3 Responses to “Weekend Fun: Say Cheese!”

  1. Amen. I did not take any belly progression pictures during my pregnancy with the Munchkin (placed child) and tried to shy away from the camera in general. All in all, from a nine month period of time, I probably have five or six pictures of myself. I regret that a LOT. In fact, it’s why I’ve gone “overboard” in my subsequent pregnancies, taking weekly pictures to capture my belly progression.

    ANY expectant mother wishing to capture her pregnancy on a week by week basis with some guided journal entries would be interested in buying The Belly Book. I have it for my current pregnancy (Parker) and, oh, it’s the cutest thing. It’s also helped me keep spot on each week with actually remembering to take my photographs. I’ve missed two weeks: one because of vacation and another because of illness. But other than that, we’re good to go!

  2. Only two photos exist of me pregnant, one from each pregnancy, and neither very clear. It seems back in the 60s it was considered racey to shoot preggos, even married ones, and I feel the lack of shots of progressing pregnancy. I can recall much of how I felt, but very little of how I looked.

  3. Coley S. says:


    That looks like a good book and one I will keep in mind for the future. I had something similar during my pregnancy with Darcy that journal prompts but that one looks better!

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