January 12th, 2007
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During any tough and emotional time, we need the support of our friends and family. And a crisis pregnancy is no different. We really need the support, especially emotionally, to make it through the pregnancy and the decision making process. I don’t think I could have made it through either of my crisis pregnancies and Charlie’s adoption had I not had a pretty good support network of supportive friends and family.

Unfortunately, not all friends and family will be supportive though. Some may not be supportive of your decision. If you choose adoption, they may have been thinking you should have chose parenting and then become unsupportive of your adoption decision or if you choose parenting and they were for adoption, they may become unsupportive. Hopefully though, regardless of their own opinions on what you should or should not do, they should be able to support you whatever choice you ultimately make.


Tips for building your support network:

  • Try to talk with a few people who have been through what you are going through. If you are considering adoption, try finding the support from someone who has followed through with an adoption plan as well as the support of someone who chose to parent as the result of her crisis pregnancy.
  • Lean on your family and friends who are supportive. As I mentioned above, there will be people that will be very opinionated and might not support any decision. Try to keep the more supportive ones closest to you.
  • Reach out to your parents or siblings if you can. Although they might be disappointed in the fact that you are in an unplanned pregnancy, they may be some of your biggest supporters too.
  • For those who are supporting you unconditionally, thank them periodically and let them know how much their support is appreciated.

To be continued…..

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  1. Great tips Coley. I have heavily counted on my friends during the bad times and I am there for them during the bad times.

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