October 28th, 2006
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Ah, one of the joys of pregnancy! Ok, I was only joking! No one likes gaining weight, so much weight and baby fat, that you have to buy new clothes only to wear them for nine months. I love clothes, what girl doesn’t? But I’m practical and buying clothes only to wear for nine months seems a tad bit wasteful to me, but such is life!

I am lucky in the fact that a few close friends and I have shared maternity clothes. We stick them back in a big box when we are done and then share them when the next one of us is pregnant. So the box keeps growing, because we usually have to add a few things.


There is always that special occasion while you are pregnant where you need just the right outfit. This happened while I was pregnant with Charlie. One of my close friends was having her bachlorette party and I wanted to attend and fit in even though I was big, hugely pregnant. So we went shopping and I found a steal of a deal on a pair of black leather maternity pants at a maternity store! I’d never been a leather pants girl, but hey I figured pregnancy was a good time to get away with wearing them! They eventually went into the sharing box, but no one other than me has been brave enough (or maybe crazy enough) to wear them.

So here are a few tips for those in need of maternity clothes on a tight budget-

  • Beg, borrow, or steal. Ok, not really, but ask around and see if any of your friends and family might have some retired maternity clothes to share.
  • Wear it big. Wearing plus size clothing can lessen the cost of the clothing you are buying, but will not fit as well as clothes made for pregnancy.
  • Raid a man’s closet! Seriously ask your partner, husband, guy friend, brother, etc for a few loaner items.
  • Discounts and more. Shop at yard sales, discount outlets, consignment shops, end of the year sales, clearance racks and ebay.

Good luck to you as to try to cover that baby belly!


4 Responses to “Saturday Fun: Maternity Clothes”

  1. Marmy_4 says:

    the best thing about a growing belly…. big Tshirts and pajama pants!!

  2. I’m sorry but the “weight gain” and maternity clothes were one of my favorite parts about pregnancy. For the first time in my life, I didn’t necessarily feel the pressure to remain stick thin. I was allowed to have curves. People celebrated my body. And the clothes showed off my ever-evolving state.

    That said, shop the SALE RACK at Old Navy. I never paid full price for a single maternity item for the second pregnancy. (ON didn’t have maternity for my first.) I got a beautiful sweater for 8 bucks once. I miss not being able to wear it! In fact, a lot of my “favorite” clothes are my maternity clothes. I almost want to get pregnant at the exact same time so I can wear evreything again!

  3. Ebay was a great resource for me both before and after being pg. I bought “lots” of clothing for not very much, and when I was done being pg I sold them off.

  4. Sunshine says:

    Yes ebay is a great idea, as are some consignment clothing shops. Nice to recycle the maternity clothes for other moms and pass along some good karma too.

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