July 20th, 2011
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9_monthsIt is July 10th and I am 37 weeks pregnant and counting. I am obviously showing at this point in my pregnancy but not as much as you might think. I am still waiting tables like I would if I wasn’t pregnant and every single person that I come into contact with now asks how far along I am and of course I have to ask them how far along they think I am, it’s only fair. Four months is usually what I get and I giggle, explain that I have about two weeks left and I love the reaction I get.

They all start asking the normal questions of the baby’s sex, if I have chosen any names and everything else under the sun – and I explain how I am giving my beautiful baby boy up for adoption. Can I tell everyone out there that every single time,  I get the most positive reaction I could ever imagine! I already feel good about the adoption because I know it is the right thing for me to do in my life right now – but do you know how good it feels to hear strangers tell me how awesome of a person I am for this random act of kindness? At first, I was very skeptical of telling people ‘my business’ but than I figured I never really cared to be judged to begin with so why start now.


You don’t know how many people have been effected by adoption one way or another. Do you know how many women tell me that they are not able to have children? Do you know how many women tell me they have adopted a child or two? Do you know how many women tell me that if someone is being negative about my decision, they are just mean people? I never knew how much adoption was in people’s lives until now. It makes me really happy to know that it is accepted in our world. I am not a normal person when it comes to my hormones – I don’t have raging ones. I am always happy. I am always laughing, cracking jokes, smiling – it is such a blessing for me to know that I am giving someone a gift that they couldn’t do themselves.

Adoption isn’t something that is easy by all means. I wish I could raise my son myself at some points, I do. It is a normal feeling I experience often in the pregnancy. When I hear all the positive feedback from complete strangers, it makes me realize that it is OK and my son will love me for bringing him into this world – because without me, he wouldn’t be alive. Who would not appreciate the person who gave them life?

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