October 26th, 2007
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The love a first time mother (or well any mother for that matter) feels for her child can be so overwhelming! Overwhelming in a good way, of course! I used the word first time mother in the previous sentence because I think that the love a first time mother feels for her baby may just blow her way. Someone who is already a mother is aware of that indescribable, astronomical amount of love that you feel for this little person instantly.

When I had my first baby, Noah, I was not prepared for that love. Of course, I loved him while he was in my womb, but there is something very different about seeing and feeling a baby in the womb and then holding him in your arms. I instantly felt so much love for him the moment I laid eyes on him. It really was love at first sight.


Noah was born with so many complications and I only saw him for just a second when they quickly brought him closer to my face so I could look at him and then I didn’t see him again until many hours later. Many doubtful thoughts that I had had regarding my motherly instincts prior to Noah’s birth were pushed to the wayside as that fierce, over protective Motherly instinct kicked in as I worried and fretted about my baby in the NICU from my hospital bed. I’m sure those NICU nurses got tired of my phone calls as I was calling often checking on him, seeing when I would be allowed to see him and what not.

Three days later, I finally got to hold my baby boy in my arms; that was one of the most perfect moments of my life. It felt that all was right in the world.

When I had Charlie, the love was just as overwhelming. I didn’t get to hold him for awhile either, his temperature was a little low and they had him warming up a bit. However, he was just in the regular baby nursery not the NICU, which was a big relief. I finally got to hold him when he was about twelve hours old. I stared into his beautiful eyes and wondered how I was going to let him go in just a few short days. It was one of the most beautiful yet most painful times of my life. But, whenever I was holding that baby boy in my arms, once again, all felt right in the world.

A mother’s love is definitely overwhelming!

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  1. I wasn’t prepared for that love, either. I’m still overwhelmed with it for all of my children!

  2. Coley S. says:

    I am too Jenna! It just blows me away!

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