October 12th, 2006
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Why You Should Choose A Name

Yesterday I talked about baby names. I received a few comments as the result of that post and wanted to expand on them….

Jenna wrote,

“Could you write more on why it is important for those who DO choose adoption to name their child? Munchkin was only ever Munchkin to me… and I kind of regret that. Not that we don’t all LOVE the name Munchkin which is still a nickname…”

First of all, I should say, that it is your right to name your baby even if you do make an adoption plan and ultimately place your child for adoption. You still have the right to name him or her and then of course the adoptive parents have the legal right to change the name.


Like Jenna, I kind of regret not naming Charlie. I don’t have many regrets about my adoption, but that is one of them. Naming your child is acknowledging that he or she is your child, even if you are only legally his or her mother for a short time.

I’ve heard several adoptees say that knowing their birthmother chose a name for them (even if they were not called that name or did not even know it till they were older) made them feel special.

Now, that’s not to say you are terrible mother if you don’t name your child. You are not! I totally understand and get it. The whole reason I didn’t name Charlie was fear of the adoptive parents changing his name and (unintentionally) hurting my feelings. I also don’t think I realized that it would bug me later on that I didn’t name him.

In closing, I’d like to share a comment left by an adoptive mother.

We were able to name our son when he came home with us at 5 weeks of age. He was also named by his birthmom while she was still in the hospital. She had his name printed on the newborn photos. I love that and look forward to sharing that part of the story with him.

11 Responses to “More on Baby Names”

  1. I also don’t think I realized that it would bug me later on that I didn’t name him.

    Yeah, I had no clue. I was encouraged by certain … not nice people … not to name my child. That it would be easier for me to separate from her if I didn’t name her. *head,desk* Oh the things I know now.

    Charlie is a good name though. :)

  2. Coley S. says:

    Charlie is a great name, just not the name I would have chosen. :)

  3. So dear, what WOULD you have chosen? :)

  4. marymartha says:

    It was very important to me that babies mom named the baby, so we chose to incorporate the name she picked as our daughters middle name, and had our own first name. Names are priceless ;-)

  5. lahdh4 says:

    I feel the same way. I wish now that we would have named her. L told me that she thought J was a strong name and I am like it is a common name and talking with B about this earlier he liked the name Alexis.

  6. Marmy_4 says:

    I had a really hard time deciding on a name for olivia but working with my sister to come to a decision on her name was a great joy. so we agreed we both liked olivia (olive meaning peace) and her middle name was the same as mine.

  7. Coley S. says:

    So dear, what WOULD you have chosen? :)

    A Bible name… I LOVE boy Bible names, hence having a son named Noah. So probably would have been Jacob or Elijah.

    And what would you have chosen?

  8. Heather Lowe says:

    Their name: Corey Samuel
    My name: Matthew Alexander (to be called Alex)

    But I never got to give this name to him. The hospital did not let me do so.

  9. I have to chime in here.. We kept Birth Mom’s name as our daughter’s name, and even though I didn’t like the name AT ALL at first, we kept it because our final adoption took a year – and now i am so glad I kept the name. I love the name now, and it is easy with K’s birth mom, and it will nice for K’s to have one name that was hers for her whole life.

  10. Heather; the hospital didn’t LET YOU?! WTF. And I thought my hospital experience was pretty bad. For pity’s sake.

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