July 28th, 2011
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scrapbook_23One more week and baby boy will be here! One thing that I have started to do finally, is make a scrapbook so when he goes home with the adoptive parents, he will have it forever. I think that this is very important because you can give your child a book about whatever you would like. One thing that I recommend doing prior to making the scrapbook is asking the adoptive parents if it is okay to create the book and maybe some of the pages that you want to create will not overstep any boundaries either of you guys have. You have to make sure that they are okay with some of the content of the book. After all, they are the ones who will be in control of if your child will actually be raised with it or not. I think boundaries are a very important thing with adoption on both ends of parents. You don’t want to make any one upset over anything, as they wouldn’t want to make you upset. Just double check.


Now, for the scrapbook that I am creating, it is an 8×8 book with 10 pages front and back, making it 20 for me to use prior to adding any – the 20 is perfectly fine with me. Here are some ideas that I am using that you might want to use as well. The beginning of the book is going to have the opening page with a photo of me, photo of my boyfriend (father of the baby) and a photo of one of the ultrasound photos – kinda like a me + him + baby in a really cute way. (Make it your own, decorate everything because your child will see it one day!) The next few pages are going to be about me, the birth mom. I’m placing photos and than writing a little description explaining things like “Your mommy is beautiful, funny, smart” etc. and I am putting photos that describe that. Than with the pages following, I will go into my hobbies, likes interests – and I am making sure I have corresponding photos for each. Than I will do the same for its daddy, my boyfriend. After that, I made a family tree – which is important to ask the adoptive family if it is okay to put names, this is a boundary for sure that you don’t want to cross if they don’t want you to. The pages following the tree, I am writing a description about our heritages, backgrounds, personalities, like/dislikes and favorites.

I am also putting a story about me and it’s father’s relationship. In the pages after-I am going to talk about being pregnant. Our reactions, first thoughts, why we chose adoption and photos of me being pregnant. Even if you are not sharing it with people, take a few snapshots of you to include in your book. Just for your baby at least. The next few pages are about the baby and being pregnant – original due date, what the doctors said, pregnancy cravings, funny things the baby has done in the womb – ANYTHING I can write so the baby knows how much I love it. I am also putting a page about what we hope the baby is like, what he would gain from both of us. Looks, personality and traits we hope he gets from one another, you never know what it will turn into right? I’m also having me and my boyfriend write a letter each to the baby explaining everything and anything we want – for him to know more are on the way and we love it very much. And last but not least, Why we chose these parents. I think it is very important for the baby to know that. Remember, this might be a “baby scrapbook” but I am sure the baby will embrace it the rest of its life and keep it forever. After all, it is going to want to know where it came from.

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