June 30th, 2008
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Is one of the main reasons that you are considering making an adoption plan for your unborn baby because you want to finish your education? Nowadays, finishing your education while you are parenting is not impossible or as difficult as it once was. I’m not saying that parenting while finishing school is ideal or even easy. Parenting is never easy even when you are totally prepared for it but parenting doesn’t mean that you still can’t follow your dreams and pursue your career goals. Difficult? Yes! Impossible? No.

In a recent post I wrote about a teen Mom who has successfully parented while completing her high school education instead of dropping out as many teen mothers do. More and more high schools and school districts are beginning to offer programs designed to assist teen mothers in parenting while finishing high school. And if there is no such program in your area or it doesn’t fit your needs, GED classes are always an option and many times they are offered in the evenings.


More and more colleges nowadays are offering day care to their students who are parenting. Sometimes the day care is free for students while other times there is a small fee. This allows mothers to pursue a college education while knowing their child is being properly cared for across campus.

My friend J parented had a baby and finished two years of college while parenting.

“It was not easy at all. The only time I could really concentrate and study was after my daughter was sleeping. Then I’d stay up studying past midnight only to be awakened by her around six in the morning and then I’d have to do it all over again that day. It was exhausting and many times I wondered if it was worth it. But now (5 years later) I have a great job and am able to provide more for my daughter than I would have had I not finished school.”

Again, finishing school while parenting isn’t ideal but it isn’t impossible today either.

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  1. manikanna says:

    it is not enough to turn to give up our babies for adoption just because we have to go class.I did this once and it has always haunted me ,good thing at the time i was in rehab and i kinda forgave myself,am back to class annd i will take any flimsy excuse to give my Lara away.
    main kanna

  2. A friend of mine has been going to college while parenting her (adorable) daughter. And she’s been doing a bang-up job! :) My Mom finished her degree after I was born. And her CPA while pregnant with my brother many years later. :)

    It’s totally do-able.

  3. happygmom says:

    Mary Cady Ford started a university program called “Finished Up” to address exactly this issue. When she became pregnant her junior year at Vanderbilt University, she was horrifed to discover that the only options that VU supported were abortion and adoption, i.e., parenting was not a supported option. She was told that if she wanted to keep her baby, she was on her own.

    Happy G’Ma
    Fortunately, her sorority sisters pitched in and babysat while she attended classes and she was able to complete her degree.

    The link to her story is here:


    When my daughter became pregnant, I told her that her number one job was to complete her degree and that we would continue to support her to do just that. It raised some eyebrows from people who think that single mothers need to be punished to teach them a lesson. Whatever! I don’t understand people who want to condemn young mothers to minimum wage jobs and then complain that they need social services to make ends meet. Whatever.

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