December 1st, 2008
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As Christmas nears, you’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of things that need to be done on top of being pregnant. I remember it well! I was actually due to have my daughter that I relinquished for adoption on Christmas Eve! She was born two weeks early and home with her parents by that time. All the same, I learned some things from hindsight that I thought I could pass off to you regarding the holidays, unplanned pregnancy and that overwhelmed feeling!

I want you to do something this week: go buy one of two ornaments. Go buy either a Baby’s First Christmas ornament if you’re due (or overdue!) soon or buy an ornament that shows that you’re expecting this Christmas. Yes, they make those. They make all kinds of ornaments now!


Examples, of course! (Followed by reasons, I swear!)

As for the Baby’s First Christmas ornament, you can go all out or you can go very simple. This personalized ornament with the baby in Christmas red and green really made me smile. Very simple, very gender neutral, very to the point. (And not expensive!) These stars are equally as cute and equally as affordable!

As for an ornament that shows that you’re expecting a baby, I’d encourage you to go with a stork kind of ornament. This one, from 2007 (not this year!), from Hallmark is a great example of what I’m talking about!

Now that I’ve shared examples, I encourage you to buy two. One for you and one for the intended family of your child. The best news? If you decide not to place, they can simply be given to your child for her very first “on her own” Christmas tree without you having to “let go” of the one you have for your Christmas tree! (As an example, my Mom still has my first Christmas ornament. I do not! Buy two!) And, of course, that is why I suggested buying a stork ornament. You are more than welcome to buy one of the many expectant mother ornaments now available. However, if you plan to pass it onto the family should you decide to place, that may not be the best fit for their experience as the adoptive mother was not pregnant with the child.

I know it might not seem important now. And, in the grand scheme of life and living, having a memento isn’t the most important thing in the world. But these little keepsakes go a long way, emotionally, whether you should choose to parent or place.

Just passing this tip on from experience!

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