December 30th, 2009
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LonelyWith New Year’s Eve tomorrow, you may be feeling a strong sense of loneliness. Perhaps your friends are all planning a big party that you don’t feel up to or comfortable attending while pregnant. Maybe you’re missing family members who aren’t being supportive of your pregnancy. If you’re currently separated from your baby’s biological father, you may be missing him as well. New Year’s Eve is a tough time to be alone. It’s even more difficult while pregnant.

In fact, loneliness during pregnancy isn’t just limited to those who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Many expectant mothers suddenly find themselves missing their friends and acquaintances after the Big News has been shared with others. They can feel shut off by those who don’t know how to include a pregnant friend in a celebration. It’s just hard to be pregnant sometimes.


The truth is that you are pregnant during one of the best times in the world, even if you didn’t intend to become pregnant right now. You have ease of access to a great number of instant-friends right at your fingertips. That’s right! The Internet provides you with easily attainable and maintainable friendships even if the rest of your friends seemed to have disappeared.

While I was pregnant with both of my sons, I joined “due date communities” online. These communities (also known as forums) featured mothers who were all due within the same month. We shared stories. We complained about our weight and our swollen ankles. We talked about doctor’s appointments. We exchanged advice. We celebrated the birth of each baby. To this day, some of the women I met in those groups remain part of my core group of friends. They were a support then and they remain a support now.

I tell you all of this just in case you’re lamenting the fact that you’re staying in tomorrow night. Fire up your computer and look at any of the many pregnancy sites that feature forums and find yourself an instant group of friends. Strike up a conversation with the others who may be spending the evening at home and ring in the New Year with others who may be feeling just the way you are right now.

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