July 27th, 2008
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Are you feeling pressure to place your baby for adoption? I’m referring to pressure placed up on you either from family and friends or pressure do to your situation and circumstances.

Perhaps, you are feeling pressure do to your finances. You’re working a dead end job, you can barely make the rent. Sound familiar? Believe me; some people who plan to get pregnant may not be much more financially stable than you are. Check out what resources your state offers for mothers in need. Check into housing and other government programs. By doing this, you could find a solution or a way to help out with the financial pressures and problems you are facing.


Is the pressure you are feeling related to school or your job? As I said in my last post, there are ways to still finish your schooling while parenting. Check out and see what programs your school, school district, or college has for mothers. If the pressures are career related, find out how long maternity leave is in your company and what their policies are regarding maternity leave, child care, etc.

Perhaps your friends and family are pressuring you one way or the other. Politely thank them for their love and support but gently yet firmly let them know that this is a decision that you need to make and that you appreciate their concern but you really must make this decision for yourself.

Let them know that you are working on making a decision and where you are in the decision making process. Let them know that when you are ready to talk about it or seek their opinions and advice, you will ask them. If they persist with pressuring you, you may need to take a little “time out” or break from those people and situations. Let them know that you need a little space to think things through.

Don’t let any one thing pressure you into making this decision!

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  1. calirosie says:

    Don’t I wish I looked into these things instead of letting panic take over!

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