March 30th, 2010
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GavelA lawsuit in Maryland has me scratching my head. The Archdiocese of Baltimore is suing the city over a new law that they say is “targeting” pregnancy centers that help women find abortion alternatives. Basically, the new law requires such pregnancy centers to post a sign that states that they do not provide abortions. If they do not post said sign, they can be charged up to $150 per day that the sign is not posted.

And I’m left saying, “So? Post the sign.”

I visited a faith-based pregnancy center when I was pregnant with the Munchkin. I knew that they weren’t going to give me information on how to obtain an abortion. I knew that they weren’t going to perform an abortion. I knew that they weren’t going to pressure me to have an abortion. I was lucky that the pregnancy center I visited also didn’t push adoption down my throat. I was given a bunch of information as to how to obtain the proper medical care and assistances available to me at that time. I was given some supplies to get me started. I was treated like a human being.


If I had walked in the door and a sign had been posted on the door that read something to the effect of, “We don’t provide abortions,” I would have continued in the door. In fact, I was in such a daze when I finally mustered up the courage to actually walk in the door that I wouldn’t have noticed any sign on the door, let alone one about abortion. Seriously: I sat in a parking lot across the street from the center for a half hour before I could get out and walk in the door. And that was after debating the drive for over a week and a half. A sign wouldn’t have made a difference. One a woman has actually made her way to such a place, she’s not going to turn around because of a sign on the door.

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  1. Robyn C says:

    I have read about centers that have ads in the Yellow Pages under “abortion”, but, when the women get in the door, the people at the centers push parenting or adoption. Some of these places have never performed an abortion, but still advertise that they do. The situation was turned into a Law & Order SVU episode, actually. (What hasn’t been?) The article isn’t very informative, but I would bet that the sign is to help stop the false advertising.

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