July 24th, 2008
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Not too long ago, I came across an article about a proposed bill in Missouri. This new bill makes it illegal for a pregnant woman to be coerced into having an abortion. Per the new bill coercion could be “physical harm, or a threat to evict, fire from a job, or withhold financial assistance.

While I think this is great – no one should be forced into doing something she isn’t comfortable with – I couldn’t help but think why aren’t they debating a bill that makes coercing a woman into adoption illegal too? I wonder if these state officials are even aware of how much coercion still goes on in adoption nowadays. I think many people think that coercion is no longer happening; that it is a thing of the past. But, sadly, coercion is still happening way too often.


Expectant mothers need the ability to be able to make an informed decision without having to be worried about being coerced or tricked into doing something she isn’t comfortable with.

I’ve heard some people say that these women are adults so they should be able to tell when they are being coerced but when you are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy you are overwhelmed, stressed, and might not be thinking clearly and might not even realize that they are being coerced.

Although in this post, I’m writing about coercion by adoption agencies and adoption professionals, I should mention that not all coercion is initiated by adoption agencies or adoption professionals. Friends, family members, significant other, etc. can all pressure an expectant mother to make an adoption plan.

The above mentioned bill has already passed through the Missouri House and will now move to the Senate. The bill would also require pregnant women considering abortion to have ultrasounds prior to the abortion.

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  1. sharonloveslisa says:

    Hi Coley S.! I completely agree with you 100%. In my personal situation way back in 1980, I was only 17 and 1 month away from turning 18. Yet sadly I was more than coerced and tricked into giving away the only child I will ever give birth to. I miss her everyday and I carry the guilt deeply entrenched in my heart that I could not even stop this closed adoption since I did not know that this would happen to me. I could never abort her-she was my little girl! I LOVE my girl and wish she could find a way to get back to me. Both sides of our families lied to the both of us for 20+ years. I wish I knew I was signing away my precious baby girl and not a release form to leave that horrible hos-pital-as I was led to believe. I honestly feel that all closed adop-tions only serve the greedy attor-neys and ob-gyns who prey on “older generation” parents like mine who did this to me. They threw their ONLY grand-daughter away like garbage and to this day-call her that “girl”-like it doesn’t hurt or make her any less real or human to me. Their own flesh & blood. This is the ugly side of closed adoptions-I would have never signed a paper giving her away had I been told what I was signing. My girl and I have paid the ultimate price while my parents and hers pretend as if nothing as life-changing as this-would ever affect her & I so deeply and in so many ways not listed here-that we are still trying to come to grips & understand who we are and why they lied. All I wanted was my beautiful baby girl. Thank-you for having the guts to write your post. It helped me and I hope to help others too who have fallen victim to closed adoptions over 20+ years ago or more. Much love & thanks for hearing me out:( God Luck to all of you searching:)

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