October 10th, 2006
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As a child or a teenager, did you dream up names for your future children? I did! I came up with these really crazy names as a teenager. I was a tree hugger and ocean lover and wanted to name my children after the ocean. I’m almost embarrassed to admit the hideous names I came up with. Ok, ok I will tell you the names but let’s keep it our little secret. If I had daughters I wanted to name them Oceanianna and Dolphina. Of course, I was only going to have daughters, like I could control that, right? But when you are a teenager, you have it all figured out!


So since I’ve grown up, I have chosen more normal names for my children; names that they will not hate me for naming them.

The point of all my rambling thus far, was to discuss the subject of names. I’ve discussed it before, but it’s a subject I like, so I thought it would be cool to re-visit it.

Have you been thinking of names for your baby yet? Ya know, even if you do make an adoption plan, you can still name your baby! Naming a baby is special and a huge responsibility to as it is something that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Even if you place your child for adoption, it’s still going to be a part of them and with them, even if it’s only in your eyes and heart.

Some people choose names after members of their family. Noah’s middle name is a family name, after my only brother. Some people may name their children after a loved one or dear friend. My best friend named her baby boy after me. Some people come up with unique names that are less common. My nephew named his daughter Jayla, very similar to Kayla, but with a J. It’s uncommon – as of now, she’s the only Jayla I know! Some people name children based on the meaning of the name, for example, the name Jasmine means “gift from God” so someone may choose that name for the meaning.

Having trouble thinking of a name for your child? Check out some of the websites listed below for a little help or inspiration.

4 Responses to “Baby Names”

  1. Dolphina! Ha! That’s great.

    I have a friend here with a little girl named Oceanne, and I really like that.

    I wanted a set of twins named Selina and Cayanne (as in saline and cayennne). Still do, actually.

  2. Oh, baby names. We never agreed on a girl’s name when we were pregnant with Nicholas. He just always was Butterball, Turkey Lurkey or Nicholas! ;) (Obviously, being due two days after Thanksgiving helped us choose nicknames.)

    We still have no idea of a name if we ever happenen to be blessed with a girl.

    Could you write more on why it is important for those who DO choose adoption to name their child? Munchkin was only ever Munchkin to me… and I kind of regret that. Not that we don’t all LOVE the name Munchkin which is still a nickname…

    I’m rambling. It’s early. ;)

  3. Heather says:

    We were able to name our son when he came home with us at 5 weeks of age. He was also named by his birthmom while she was still in the hospital. She had his name printed on the newborn photos. I love that and look forward to sharing that part of the story with him (when he is old enough to understand).

  4. lahdh4 says:

    I had a few friends tell me that I was carrying a boy and at the ultrasounds she turned herself so the tech. couldn’t tell. So noone knew until the moment she was born. B had a different name in mind but we agreed not to name her because we knew that there was the chance that they would change her name.

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