Operation Thankful: Good Doctors

November 25th, 2006

I am thankful (and lucky) that during my pregnancy I had good, knowledgeable, and caring doctors. With my first son, Noah, I had a very complicated pregnancy, health wise. I ended up in the high risk unit of the hospital on bed rest for almost five weeks until he was born, six weeks early, with lots complications. Because of all the complications with my pregnancy with Noah, I was automatically considered “high risk” with Charlie’s pregnancy and any subsequent pregnancies. Adding to the dilemma of my pregnancy with Charlie, I did not find out I was pregnant or begin to receive any prenatal care (since I didn’t know I was pregnant due to a failed birth control shot) until about twenty two-ish weeks… [more]

Operation Thankful: Charlie’s Lifebook

November 22nd, 2006

I am thankful that I made Charlie a Life book. I have written about his life book before and am really glad that I made it for him. If you are wondering what a life book is, it’s a scrapbook really, that tells your role in your child’s life and provides him or her with a direct connection to his or her biological history. Charlie’s life book contains information about myself (full name, birth date, favorite color, where I grew up, etc) along with pictures of me as a child to present day, pictures and information on my parents, grandparents, and brother, information and pictures of Noah, a biological family tree, sonogram pictures, adoption poems important to me, and more. I created… [more]

Operation Thankful: A Pretty Normal and Uneventful Hospital Experience

November 4th, 2006

One of the things I am thankful for is having a pretty normal and uneventful hospital experience compared to others. I have heard many horrid accounts of hospital experiences of other birthmothers who have been verbally abused by members of the hospital staff, denied pain medication, ridiculed, denied contact with their babies, disrespected, and so on. I have heard the stories of other mothers who dealt with excruciating labor that seems to go on for hours and hours with no end seemingly in sight. I was induced so I didn’t have to deal with the hours and hours of labor, pushing, and pain. It probably sounds a little odd, but in hindsight, I am even thankful that I had a c-section. Although, I… [more]

Why I Chose an Adoptive Family that Already had a Child

October 20th, 2006

We’ve talked about the options in choosing an adoptive family for your child when making an adoption plan. One of the big choices you can make is to choose a family that has children or to choose a family that has no children. It may be your desire to choose a family where your child would be the only or the first. Or it may be your desire that your child have a sibling, so you may look at families that already have a child. For me personally, I wanted an adoptive family that already had children. It was important to me that they already have a child. Why you ask? Because I wanted my baby to… [more]