July 20th, 2011
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9_monthsIt is July 10th and I am 37 weeks pregnant and counting. I am obviously showing at this point in my pregnancy but not as much as you might think. I am still waiting tables like I would if I wasn't pregnant and every single person that I come into contact with now asks how far along I am and of course I have to ask them how far along they think I am, it's only fair. Four months is usually what I get and I giggle, explain that I have about two weeks left and I love the reaction I get. They all start asking the normal questions of the baby's sex, if I have chosen any names and everything else under… [more]

As This Year Ends

December 31st, 2008
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2008 might hold some bad memories for you as your unplanned pregnancy likely began at some point in time this year. As we stand on the threshold of 2009, I encourage you to look at the future that awaits you with a positive outlook. True, you are still likely pregnant if you are reading this specific blog. True, you will then still be faced with some difficult decision. And, you know, labor and delivery. But don't panic! Trust me! You're going to be okay. I now encourage you to think about what lead you to this point. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying; don't dwell on your mistakes. But neglecting to address them, even mentally, could lead to an inability to move forward in this coming year. I… [more]

Okay, Fine. You’re Not Bristol.

September 22nd, 2008
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This post is not political. Just a heads up. I've been reading some commentary on what Bristol Palin's pregnancy means for and to other young mothers and mothers-to-be. Everyone is quick to point out that she comes from a family that is financially stable, is blessed with a family who is offering their support and will be marrying the father of her baby. And then many an article that I have read is quick to say, "But that's not what other mothers are experiencing!" And it's true, of course. The majority of mothers experiencing unplanned pregnancies are not on the same playing field as Bristol. Young? Yes. Scared? Totally. But similarities quickly run out when you start dealing with real world, non-semi-celebrity status issues. But I'm… [more]