Make a Scrapbook for Your Baby!

July 28th, 2011
Categories: Scrapbooking

scrapbook_23One more week and baby boy will be here! One thing that I have started to do finally, is make a scrapbook so when he goes home with the adoptive parents, he will have it forever. I think that this is very important because you can give your child a book about whatever you would like. One thing that I recommend doing prior to making the scrapbook is asking the adoptive parents if it is okay to create the book and maybe some of the pages that you want to create will not overstep any boundaries either of you guys have. You have to make sure that they are okay with some of the content of the book. After all, they are… [more]

Weekend Fun: Create a Pregnancy Scrapbook

September 22nd, 2007
Categories: Scrapbooking

So, when you have some free time this weekend, why not create a pregnancy scrapbook? Even though your pregnancy is unplanned, you should still make the most of it and try to enjoy it whenever possible. Regardless of what you ultimately decide about either making an adoption plan or a parenting plan, a pregnancy scrapbook can be a great way to remember your pregnancy as well as a neat keepsake item for your child in the future. Plus, it could also relieve some stress by channeling some energy into something positive. Why not invite some girlfriends over, make a “girl night in “out of it, and crop till you drop! Making a pregnancy scrapbook doesn’t have to be as involved as it may sound. It doesn’t have… [more]

Ultrasound Scrapbook Layout

October 24th, 2006
Categories: Scrapbooking

If you are into scrapbooking, there is a really cute way you can scrap your baby’s ultrasound photos. This would be great to do whether you are parenting or placing your child for adoption as it’s a great way to honor and remember your pregnancy and an awesome keepsake for your child in years to come. What you will need:

  • Your ultrasound photo (of course!) You might want to make copies of the photo so you are not cutting up the orginial.
  • Blank scrapbook page
  • Cardstock in your choice of color(s)
  • Embellishments
What I did:
  1. I made a few copies of my ultrasound photos.
  2. I found a pregnant lady online, printed her out, and then traced

Lifebooks for Adopted Children: Passing on Your Heritage

June 28th, 2006
Categories: Scrapbooking

Many professionals in the adoption community recommend “lifebooks” for children who have been in foster homes and children who are adopted at an older age but I think they can be beneficial to all adopted children.

Lifebooks can be created during pregnancy while making and adoption plan as a positive way to pass on your legacy. Whether you are planning an open or a closed adoption, your child can still benefit from a lifebook as they have something tangible there to explain things to them when you are not physically there.

You are probably wondering……

What is a lifebook? A lifebook is basically a scrapbook that tells about your role in your child’s life as his/her birthmother and his/her biological family.

How do… [more]