Hospital Series: Memorabilia

July 23rd, 2007

Keepsake items are important to any new mother but they are very important to birthmothers because they provide her with a tangible way to remember her child and remember the short time they spent together in the hospital. Keepsake items are going to differ from mother to mother. What I consider a treasured item may not be a treasure to the next mother, so keep what is meaningful and important to you. These items are YOURS to keep. If you are worried about your child’s adoptive mother receiving any of the keepsake items, talk with the hospital staff. Many times they are more than happy to provide you with two of the items so that you may have one as well as your baby’s… [more]

More on Memories and Keepsake Items

May 23rd, 2007

Memories and keepsake items are very important to any mother. They are especially important to birthmothers because for some of us they could be the only tangible things we have relating to our child and the short time we may have spent together. In a recent post, I talked about your right to have any and all of the keepsake items for your baby from the hospital. But, if you are a first time mom, you might not be aware of what all you can have or what all you should hang on to. Basic hospital items that are considered keepsakes are the crib card that identifies your child’s gender and sometimes name, the hospital bracelet, the little hat they put on… [more]

Hospital Memorabilia

May 19th, 2007

Recently a very new birthmom asked me if she was allowed to have some of keepsake items from the hospital stay with her son. Apparently, those had been given to the adoptive parents (I’m not sure by whom) and she didn’t have ay of them and didn’t know she was able to have them. By keepsake items, I am referring to all the items from the hospital, like the little birth certificates with your baby’s footprints on it, hospital bracelet, the little hat, the hospital blanket, crib card, etc. I’m sure older birthmothers from the closed adoption era were not allowed to have these items, but nowadays things are changing. Of course, you are allowed to have all of these items! It is YOUR… [more]

Memories Wrapped Up in a Shirt

February 5th, 2007
Categories: Keepsake Items

The picture on the side here is a scrap (photo edited not really cut!) of one of my favorite nightshirts. I bought this night shirt when I was pregnant with Charlie. My birthday was just a few days before he was born so I had a little spending money and decided that I would buy myself some new things to wear when in the hospital. I bought the above night shirt and a pajama set. (Hint – Pajamas sets are not comfy if you have a c-section!) I love daisies and loved that bright and funky night shirt instantly. For the past five years it’s been a favorite, washed and worn, big and comfy. Problem is five years is a lot of wear… [more]