Make a Scrapbook for Your Baby!

July 28th, 2011
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scrapbook_23One more week and baby boy will be here! One thing that I have started to do finally, is make a scrapbook so when he goes home with the adoptive parents, he will have it forever. I think that this is very important because you can give your child a book about whatever you would like. One thing that I recommend doing prior to making the scrapbook is asking the adoptive parents if it is okay to create the book and maybe some of the pages that you want to create will not overstep any boundaries either of you guys have. You have to make sure that they are okay with some of the content of the book. After all, they are… [more]

Start 2009 Off Right

December 31st, 2008
Categories: Journaling

If 2009 is the year in which your baby will be born, I encourage you to start the year off on the right foot. How so? With your child in mind. Granted, you likely have your child in mind most of the time. But I encourage you to do so in a very proactive manner. Whether you choose to parent or place your child for adoption, you will one day be faced with questions from your child. While some questions may not always have the perfect answer, you can do things now that will show your child that you always had his or her best interest in mind. Journal, tonight and/or tomorrow, about the plans you are dreaming for your child's future. Talk about anything and everything. Be honest about your… [more]

Don’t Forget your Camera!

March 11th, 2008
Categories: Memories

One thing you definitely do not want to forget when packing for your upcoming hospital stay is your camera! Photos are cherished by any new mothers. Ahead of time, you may want to give a little thought to how much you actually wanted photos or video of. Some Moms may want to get all up close and personally with cameras during delivery while others (like me) are more modest. Nowadays many hospitals have rules about cameras in the labor and delivery room; some allow them and some do not. So you will need to check with the hospital you are delivering at to see exactly what their policy is. Even if you are not comfortable with cameras during delivery or your hospital doesn’t allow them, there is… [more]

Weekend Fun with Journaling Prompts

October 13th, 2007
Categories: Journaling

Journaling is a great tool for anyone who is going through something as emotional as an unplanned pregnancy. Not only can journaling be healthy and healing for your soul, according to Psych Central, journaling can reduce stress and help you improve or maintain good physical health. Your journal can be a place where you can write your innermost private thoughts and feelings, your rants and rages, your fears about adoption or being a parent, your dreams for your child, and much more. The options for what you can write in journal are endless although at times, I know it can be very hard for some to think of what to write about, so I have come up with a list of twenty journal prompts… [more]

Weekend Fun: Create a Pregnancy Scrapbook

September 22nd, 2007
Categories: Scrapbooking

So, when you have some free time this weekend, why not create a pregnancy scrapbook? Even though your pregnancy is unplanned, you should still make the most of it and try to enjoy it whenever possible. Regardless of what you ultimately decide about either making an adoption plan or a parenting plan, a pregnancy scrapbook can be a great way to remember your pregnancy as well as a neat keepsake item for your child in the future. Plus, it could also relieve some stress by channeling some energy into something positive. Why not invite some girlfriends over, make a “girl night in “out of it, and crop till you drop! Making a pregnancy scrapbook doesn’t have to be as involved as it may sound. It doesn’t have… [more]

Weekend Fun: Say Cheese!

September 15th, 2007
Categories: Memories

Have you been taking any photos during your pregnancy? If not, you should be! Who cares how big you are; pregnancy is the one time that you can get away with it so take advantage of it and celebrate it. Besides, the photos that you take during your pregnancy can be a great keepsake regardless of whether or not you ultimately decide to parent or place your child for adoption. Your child may also find them funny to look at one day too. I admit that I didn’t take very many photos during either of my pregnancies. It’s something that I now regret. I can recall maybe one photo from my pregnancy with Noah and one or two photos from my pregnancy with Charlie, but they… [more]

Hospital Series: Memorabilia

July 23rd, 2007

Keepsake items are important to any new mother but they are very important to birthmothers because they provide her with a tangible way to remember her child and remember the short time they spent together in the hospital. Keepsake items are going to differ from mother to mother. What I consider a treasured item may not be a treasure to the next mother, so keep what is meaningful and important to you. These items are YOURS to keep. If you are worried about your child’s adoptive mother receiving any of the keepsake items, talk with the hospital staff. Many times they are more than happy to provide you with two of the items so that you may have one as well as your baby’s… [more]

Ways to Remember Your Pregnancy

June 3rd, 2007
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In my last post, I shared with you some great ways to enjoy your pregnancy, but you may want some ways to remember your pregnancy by. You may be thinking though, “why would I want to remember this pregnancy?” Especially if you follow through with an adoption plan. Personally speaking, I wish I had more to remember my pregnancy with Charlie by and that I had enjoyed that pregnancy more because that was our special time, the time when I was (unlike now) his only mother. Remembering your pregnancy also acknowledges your motherhood.

  • Maternity Pillow ~ Towards the very end of your pregnancy or even after it is over, take one of your favorite maternity shirt and turn it into

More on Memories and Keepsake Items

May 23rd, 2007

Memories and keepsake items are very important to any mother. They are especially important to birthmothers because for some of us they could be the only tangible things we have relating to our child and the short time we may have spent together. In a recent post, I talked about your right to have any and all of the keepsake items for your baby from the hospital. But, if you are a first time mom, you might not be aware of what all you can have or what all you should hang on to. Basic hospital items that are considered keepsakes are the crib card that identifies your child’s gender and sometimes name, the hospital bracelet, the little hat they put on… [more]

How to Plan an Entrustment Ceremony

May 21st, 2007
Categories: Memories

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you may consider having an entrustment ceremony after your child is born before the adoption is finalized. Entrustment ceremonies are becoming more common in the adoption community lately as more birth parents and adoptive parents are choosing to come together and partake in this touching ceremony. This ceremony takes some of the legality out of adoption and touches more on the emotional and symbolic side of adoption. There is no right or wrong way to plan an entrustment ceremony. The options are endless and should be tailored to what you and the adoptive parents are most comfortable with. 1. Talk with the potential adoptive parents and make sue they are ok with participating in an… [more]