Living to Love

January 31st, 2012
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For those who know, I am a birth-first mother who has experienced two unplanned pregnancies--one in adulthood and one in my teens. I have always had a "modus operandi"--a way of handling difficult things. Something in common with both pregnancies-- I ran away from responsibility, didn't face the truth of the situation and when things got tough I found a way to cope. I escaped into video games, and TV and decided to not face the change that would happen, whether I was ready or not. With the first born, Kenny, I celebrated and my pregnancy was very public and I was unaware of what it would take to become a parent. I had a ton of people come visit me in the hospital, and my family even welcomed me back into the… [more]

The Health Care Bill & Teen Pregnancy

March 22nd, 2010

As you know, the new Health Care Bill passed last night. Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere exploded with emotion, good and bad. Words were slung back and forth and feelings were hurt. Now that everyone has had a night to sleep on it, my mind wandered to my readers here at the unplanned pregnancy blog. How does this affect you? How does this affect your child yet to be born? It's hard to tell. Those opposed to the bill are already screaming for an appeal. It's also hard to tell how quickly these things will be put into play (though some sections call for 180 days after being passed) and whether they will see the light of day while you are pregnant and making decisions. As an example, if… [more]

Teen Pregnancy in the Spotlight Once Again

September 4th, 2008

It seems that once again unplanned pregnancy and teen pregnancy is in the spotlight as the news of the unplanned pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s (the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate) came to light. I honestly debated whether or not I wanted to write about this. The media is reporting on this a lot at the moment but I also think that there are lessons to learn and things to think about as a result of this situation becoming public. First of all, I feel sorry for Bristol Palin. If you have experienced an unplanned pregnancy your self, I’m sure you can relate to the overwhelming feelings that you experience with an unplanned pregnancy. It’s hard enough to be young, experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, and having to deal with… [more]

Soap Story Line Involving Teen Pregnancy Update

June 25th, 2008
Categories: Teen Pregnancy

In a previous post I wrote about the story line on the ABC Soap One Life to Live which involves a pregnant teenager. Since I watch this soap on a pretty regular basis anyways, I have been following the story. It has turned in a direction that I did not expect. First of all, they have done a really good job at making this story line seem as real possible. Of course, since it is a soap opera, there are those crazy things that happen in soaps in the background, but if you look at the reactions of feelings of Starr (the character that is pregnant) they have been very realistic. I honestly expected this character to have an abortion. I just figured that is… [more]

Teen Pregnancy on Television

June 25th, 2008
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Just when teen pregnancy seems to be the talk of the town, it’s all over television too! It’s being talked about everywhere lately as the news of the suspected teen pregnancy pact broke, which Jenna wrote about the other day. That news came right about the time of the birth of Jamie Lynn Spear’s baby girl. In case you don’t know (which you’d have to live under a rock to not know the way they are broadcasting this) Jamie is the seventeen year old little sister to Brittany Spears and was the star of Disney’s hit Zoey 101 which ended earlier this year. New shows portraying teen pregnancy are on their way to a television set near you. Well in all fairness, one isn’t… [more]

Article about a Successful Teen Mom

June 21st, 2008

I love articles that feature success stories of young mothers who experienced an unplanned pregnancy and then parented successfully. With my first unplanned pregnancy I was so doubtful of my skills as a young mother and hearing that other women had faced the same obstacles as me was helpful. It’s also helpful because these types of stories usually tell the challenges in parenting as well. This particular article features a young mother, Megan Torres. She became pregnant when she was sixteen years old. Megan had fears that many of us who have become unexpectedly pregnant at a young age felt. She wondered what her mother and siblings would say and what her future would be like. She had seen a lot of pregnant girls her age… [more]

Teen Pregnancy Storyline in ABC Soap Opera

March 17th, 2008

Teen pregnancy seems to have been in the news a lot lately with the unplanned pregnancy announcement of sixteen year old Nickelodeon star, Jamie Lynn Spears and all the talk about the film Juno which is about a teen who experiences an unplanned pregnancy and then places her baby for adoption. Now, the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, will be featuring their own teenage unplanned pregnancy storyline. According to a producer from One Life to Live they were already working on the unplanned pregnancy storyline before Jamie Lynn Spears made her announcement. The story line revolves around sixteen year old character Starr Manning who is played by an actress of the same age, Kristen Alderson. Starr and her seventeen year old boyfriend, Cole (who… [more]

Teen Pregnancy in the News a lot Lately

January 21st, 2008
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Teenage pregnancy sure has been in the news a lot lately. First, teen pregnancy hit the big screen in the much talked about movie Juno ,which is the tale of a high school student who ends up in an unplanned pregnancy, realizes she isn’t ready to be a parent, and makes an adoption plan. Teen pregnancy splashed the headlines again when Jamie Lynn Spears, sixteen year old star of the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, announced the news of her own unplanned pregnancy. Interestingly, the ratings of her show have gone up (they doubled!) since the announcement. Then teen pregnancy hit the evening news when students in Denver, Colorado asked for maternity leave (of about four weeks) that will give them time to… [more]