Information You Need to Know About Safe Haven Laws

September 9th, 2009
Categories: Safe Havens

Safe HavenAs an expectant parent experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may or may not have heard about Safe Haven laws. In short, Safe Haven law was created and enacted as a reply to the sometimes fatal issue of newborns being left in unsafe places by their mother or father. The first Safe Haven law was actually enacted in Texas in response to 13 babies being abandoned in one year (1999). Safe Haven law allows for a parent to take a child to a hospital, police department or fire department and relinquish without question or fear of prosecution. All 50 states now have Safe Haven law on the books as of 2008. I agree that protecting newborn babies from being abandoned in unsafe places… [more]

Safe Haven Laws in All 50 States Now

March 27th, 2008

Recently Nebraska and Alaska both passed baby Safe Haven Laws. They were the 49th and 50th states to pass these laws. Now all of the United States has some type of baby Safe Haven Laws. The only area in the United States without Safe Haven laws is the District of Columbia. In case you are unfamiliar with exactly what baby Safe Haven Laws are, let me explain. According to Wikipedia, Safe Haven Laws are defined as: The popular name for United States' laws that decriminalize leaving unharmed infants with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state. In a nutshell, Safe Haven Laws allow a mother to leave her baby in a designated “safe haven” such as a fire department, police station… [more]

Baby’s Death Revives the Debate of Safe Haven Laws

June 8th, 2007

Last week, I shared a newspaper article out of North Carolina with you about the possibility of North Carolina teaching safe haven laws in the schools to students so that they could be aware that safely abandoning a baby is legal in that state. But a story coming out of Iowa has raised the issue of safe haven laws once again. Ashley Tritt, an 18 year old from Solon Iowa, was vacationing with her parents, brother, and boyfriend in Florida. She hid her pregnancy from her parents and boyfriend and then gave birth alone, in the bathroom. She was arrested on Monday in Florida after staff at a beach resort found her baby girl dead in a trash can on Saturday morning. She’s… [more]