Why Me?

January 7th, 2011

sadnessWhy oh why oh why did this happen to me?? I asked myself this over and over when I first realized I was pregnant. Why me? I am just a good girl that fell in love with the wrong guy. Why didn't this happen to one of the many girls I know that constantly sleep around? How come I had to get pregnant? You might be asking yourself the same question. Here was my answer then and now; "It just did. Now make the best you possibly can out of it." Finding out how to do that is the hard part. At first I thought the best and easiest thing to do was to stay with my boyfriend and maybe even marry him. I visualized… [more]

New Infant Care Center in Orange County

October 18th, 2007

I came across a recent news article out of the Orange County Register, about a new infant care center in Orange County, California. The center is the latest project of Casa Teresa, a charity organization that provides intensive parenting classes, shelter, and support to low income mothers, drug addicted mothers, etc. On Thursday, Casa Teresa and a coalition of partners and supporters opened an infant care center for its high-risk, low-income clientele. The goal: give mothers a safe place to leave their children so that they can find jobs. In the article, we are introduced to Brandy Ford who had a bad childhood living with an alcoholic mother. Brandy ended up pregnant at age fifteen and gave birth to a baby girl… [more]

Lois Lodge

September 20th, 2007

Last month, I told you about two different programs that house pregnant women and then help them with the resources and tools that they need in order to successfully parent their children. I’ve run across a similar program that is nearby in Charlotte, North Carolina called Lois Lodge. Lois Lodge is a family style, Christian based, modern day maternity home that provides housing to women in need while experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Lois Lodge does not force a decision of parenting or relinquishment on the women but gives them information on both options to help them make an informed decision. According to Debbie Durrel, executive director of Lois Lodge, about half of the women end up parenting and about half end up making adoption plans… [more]

House of Courage

August 16th, 2007

I ran across an article out of Knoxville, Tennessee about a new program for women in unplanned pregnancies. This one is called House of Courage. House of Courage was created by Bonnie Skolfield who had her own unplanned pregnancy at age 15. Luckily, Bonnie had the support of her family and her church to aide her in raising her child but she knows that not all women in unplanned pregnancies are that lucky. Bonnie’s church helped her to find a job and ironically it was at a crisis pregnancy center. Working there made Bonnie realize how lucky she was to have the support she did. Bonnie went on to work at three different crisis pregnancy centers over the years. Day in and day… [more]

Another Program for Pregnant Women

August 6th, 2007

Lately I have featured a few news articles about programs for women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies with little financial resources or family support. I will continue to feature these programs as I come across them as they could possibly help an expectant mother who might be reading. In the Clarion Ledger out of Jackson, Mississippi (which is where I grew up!) there is an article about one of these programs called “Christmas Village.” Christmas Village opened its doors this past May and is located in North Jackson, MS. It is currently the only home for pregnant adults in the region. The residence is a century old home that volunteers spent six months renovating. Inspired by the Biblical story of… [more]