What Adoption Means To Me

January 14th, 2011

1093950_happy_kidsThe definition of Adoption: "an instance of adopting somebody or something such as an idea, name, or attitude." I love this definition because the adoption experience is all about overcoming your own preconceived notions of how your life is going to be and accepting a new course. I think all people affected by adoption go through this process. Adoptive couples often have to overcome the fact that they cannot have biological children of their own. Birthparents have to overcome the fact that they are pregnant and not prepared. Adopted children have to overcome the fact that they are raised by parents that are not biological.   Each one of these situations can be a tragedy

Why Me?

January 7th, 2011

sadnessWhy oh why oh why did this happen to me?? I asked myself this over and over when I first realized I was pregnant. Why me? I am just a good girl that fell in love with the wrong guy. Why didn't this happen to one of the many girls I know that constantly sleep around? How come I had to get pregnant? You might be asking yourself the same question. Here was my answer then and now; "It just did. Now make the best you possibly can out of it." Finding out how to do that is the hard part. At first I thought the best and easiest thing to do was to stay with my boyfriend and maybe even marry him. I visualized… [more]

Sorting through Your Unplanned Pregnancy

October 27th, 2009

1228123_pregnancyIf you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, it can be scary and sometimes unsettling. For some, it is a place full of confusion. But, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a time of self-understanding, self-acceptance, and introspection. It is a time to delve into and analyze how you see your life a few months and then a few years down the road. In order to fully comprehend and make an informed decision, here are some things you can do: Take Time for Yourself: First things first. Take time to think and to feel. Find an empty, quiet place to do this. Take as much time as you need. The first step is to accept that you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Once… [more]

Finding Out That You’re Unexpectedly Pregnant

May 31st, 2009
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Finding out about an unexpected pregnancy can be different from the happy scenes portrayed in movies and on television. For me, my partner did not greet me with long stem roses upon his return. My parents did not jump for joy. And if a soundtrack had been playing, as if we were on television, I'm sure it would have been a sad lament or even something with a more ominous tone. It really wasn't the best of circumstances. For me, I didn't even recognize that my period was late. I have a very irregular cycle. I always have and I still do. In fact, I had (falsely) assumed that because of my very irregular cycle that becoming pregnant in the future (when I wanted to, that is)… [more]

You are Not Alone

September 24th, 2007
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Once you discover that you may be pregnant and then confirm that fear, you may begin to feel very alone as you begin to deal with your unplanned pregnancy. Although you may feel isolated and alone, know that you are not and while it may feel like your world is coming to end, know that it is not. Unplanned pregnancies happen all the time to all different kinds of people. You will not be the first to experience and unplanned pregnancy and you will not be the last. You are strong! You can make it through this! Having personally experienced two unplanned pregnancies, I know how very alone you can initially feel when you are the only one (or only a few people know) the big… [more]

Things to do while Making your Decision

September 10th, 2007
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Making the decision of whether to place your baby for adoption or to raise him or her is a huge decision that requires a lot of thought and time. It really is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) decisions you will ever have to make in your lifetime. It’s truly a decision that can not be made overnight. Undoubtedly, you will need time to cope and deal with the shock and the reality that you are indeed pregnant before you begin trying to make this decision. While you are researching and educating yourself about your options, take care of yourself. Below is a list of simple things that you should do in order to help you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery… [more]

Pregnant? Tell Someone!

August 23rd, 2007
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So, you have just taken the pregnancy test and it is screaming “positive” at you. You are probably feeling a myriad of different emotions and having a million different thoughts running through your head. You may not be sure what to do first, how to feel, etc. You may be hesitant to tell many people that you are pregnant right away. You need time to absorb the shock you are probably feeling. But I do suggest telling someone right away. Choose a trusted friend or family member (or perhaps your baby’s father, depending on the situation and circumstances) to initially confide in. Even if you have not yet confirmed your pregnancy with a doctor you are still experiencing a million… [more]

The Journey: Part 1

March 5th, 2007

I’m starting a new series today that I am calling “The Journey.” The journey starts when you first find out you are pregnant and in this series will continue until the birth of your baby. I will discuss both the option of parenting and the option of placing. Some of these topics that will come up during the series may have been touched on in the past, but to be thorough I will include them in this series as well. The first step that comes along in this journey is finding out you are pregnant. Perhaps your period is late, you are feeling nauseous, or have other symptoms and warning signs that may have you thinking you are pregnant. Nervous and anxious to know… [more]


January 19th, 2007
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You have had some of the symptoms, your period was late, you finally bit the bullet and took a test. You nervously waited the three minutes. You prayed, willed, and demanded that the test only have one line. It felt like the longest three minutes of your entire life. When you finally were brave enough, you slowly opened one eye and then the other. You held your breath as you looked at the test. You face became hot and flush as you saw the two lines staring back at you. Sound familiar?? If you are reading this blog then chances are it has happened or is happening to you! If you are anything like me you are probably feeling very overwhelmed at the… [more]

It’s Positive – Now What?

June 19th, 2006
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You’ve taken a pregnancy test and it has 2 lines screaming positive! Now what??

I’ll never forget taking that first pregnancy test when I found out I was pregnant with my son. By the 3rd test, my friend who was there for moral support, says, “You can take 100 pregnancy tests and I think they are all going to be positive. You are pregnant.”

In a moment, reality hit. I was really and truly pregnant! It was about that time when my friend said, “Tons of women get pregnant everyday. You can handle this. You will figure it out.” Those first few days of reality in an unplanned pregnancy, I wasn’t thinking “adoption versus parenting.” I was simply thinking “survival.” How do I make it… [more]