Living to Love

January 31st, 2012
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For those who know, I am a birth-first mother who has experienced two unplanned pregnancies--one in adulthood and one in my teens. I have always had a "modus operandi"--a way of handling difficult things. Something in common with both pregnancies-- I ran away from responsibility, didn't face the truth of the situation and when things got tough I found a way to cope. I escaped into video games, and TV and decided to not face the change that would happen, whether I was ready or not. With the first born, Kenny, I celebrated and my pregnancy was very public and I was unaware of what it would take to become a parent. I had a ton of people come visit me in the hospital, and my family even welcomed me back into the… [more]

Managing the Stress of an Unplanned Pregnancy

September 30th, 2009

PregnancyPregnancy can be stressful. Even pregnancies that were meticulously planned can be wrought with tension and anxiety. The truth is that growing a child in your womb may be a natural process but, thanks to technology, we're also keenly aware of what can go wrong. Add in the emotions that a mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering relinquishment might be feeling and it can get to be a rather stressful time. But that's not good. March of Dimes has some facts about stress and pregnancy that you should definitely read up on. In fact, they address the risks of high stress levels in pregnancy (something you may be experiencing). A number of studies suggest that high levels of stress in pregnancy… [more]

Sunday Secrets: Suicide & Unplanned Pregnancy

October 27th, 2008
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While reading the Sunday Secrets over at Post Secret yesterday, I came across one that really made me stop and think. It made me think about my own unplanned pregnancy. It made me think about my life before that positive pregnancy test. And it made me think of our readers on this blog. The photo was of two hands resting on a very pregnant belly. The text read: If it hadn't been for an unplanned pregnancy, my next attempt at ending life would have succeeded. It really made my breath catch in my throat. I am sure that some read that secret and passed judgments on the anonymous mother. I am sure that some thought to themselves, "No one who has ever had thoughts like that… [more]

Using Positive Affirmations during Pregnancy

October 10th, 2007
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I recently ran across an interesting article about positive affirmations during pregnancy. At first, as I was reading and thinking about what I was reading, I thought it was a little on the kooky side but as I continued to think about it, it began to make sense to me. Think about it – how many times in pregnancy have you said or thought something negative? I think that a lot of women in unplanned pregnancies probably have low self esteem during the pregnancy and negative statements and thoughts only feed an already low self esteem. Looking back, I know I did this a lot! A few of the negative thoughts I can recall saying to myself during pregnancy are:

  • I’m

Mood Swings during Pregnancy

August 21st, 2007
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If you are pregnant, you may have noticed that you are experiencing some mood swings. One minute, you feel happy and content and then the next minute you are crying, possibly at a sappy commercial or maybe for no real apparent reason at all! No you are not going crazy! Mood swings are normal during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes that your body is going through in addition to the stress and turmoil you are already feeling as you deal with an unplanned pregnancy and make decisions about both yours and yours baby future. Most women find that the moodiness flares up during the first trimester, eases in the second, and then reappears in the third trimester as your body prepares… [more]

Postpartum Depression

June 19th, 2007
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Yesterday, I wrote about depression during pregnancy and today I want to talk about depression after pregnancy, which is most commonly known as post partum depression. About ten to fifteen percent of women who give birth experience postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can happen anytime in the first year after giving birth. After pregnancy, hormonal changes in a women’s body can bring on the post partum depression. Post partum depression needs to be treated by a physician. Symptoms of Postpartum Depression:

  • Feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Feeling restless and irritable
  • Prolonged crying spells
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Trouble Focusing or Remembering
  • Withdrawal from friends and family

Depression while Pregnant

June 18th, 2007
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At least one in ten women suffers from depression during their pregnancy. I would think (although I am no expert) that the added stress of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy may put you at a greater risk for depression during pregnancy. Depression during pregnancy often goes undiagnosed because many women attribute it to the fluctuating pregnancy hormones and since you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy you may attribute it to the extra stress that it brings. Depression during pregnancy can increase your risk of preterm labor. Risk Factors for Depression during Pregnancy

  • Family history or personal history of depression – If you’ve personally struggled with depression in the past or family members have a history of depression; you are at an increased risk

Positive Affirmations

September 14th, 2006
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My son’s Sunday School newsletter inspired this post. In it, was a 101 ways to praise a child and reading it I thought that we all need praise and positive affirmations. When you are in an unplanned pregnancy, you are typically feeling down and may feel like life is working against you. It’s very easy to emotionally beat yourself up right now and tell yourself that you are dumb, make poor decisions, have made too many mistakes, etc.. star But don’t forget you have good qualities too! You care about your baby and want the best for him or her – you are a loving and kind person. Below is a list of positive affirmations. Choose one and write it on a post it note… [more]

Depression during pregnancy

April 19th, 2006
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We all know about postpartum depression, but what about depression during pregnancy? In an article entitled "Not Always the Happiest Time," this week's edition of Newsweek magazine (April 24, 2006) addresses the issue of depression among expectant mothers. According to the article, doctors say that the incidence of depression is the same among pregnant women as it is in the general population (about 20 percent). However, depression during pregnancy is usually viewed with more disapproval than at other times, since for mothers-to-be, there is a strong societal pressure to always appear radiant and happy. People generally prefer pregnant women to be overwhelmingly positive about their circumstances, or at least to maintain the illusion of bliss. But not everyone can. (I’m not talking here… [more]