Warning Signs and Symptoms of Pre-Term Labor

July 31st, 2009
Categories: Complications

When you found out you were pregnant with this child, your main concern was most likely about handling the financial aspects. You probably didn't stop to consider, "What if something goes wrong with the pregnancy and the baby arrives early?" The truth is, you're not alone. There aren't many expectant mothers who want to consider the worst case scenario from the get-go. Usually only those mothers who have known health conditions prior to becoming pregnant familiarize themselves with the signs and symptoms of pre-term labor before they actually start happening. That's why I'm here today! Not to scare you, of course. In fact, I hope the majority of expectant mothers reading this post never have to stop and think, "Is that what is going on?" I hope you… [more]

Losing an Unexpected Pregnancy

March 24th, 2009
Categories: Complications, Health

One thing I don't see discussed very often on sites addressing unplanned pregnancies is the possibility of miscarriage. The truth is that miscarriages are very common. Whether your pregnancy was meticulously planned or rather unexpected, you run a risk for losing your baby. According to Dr. Sears (one of my favorite parenting doctors and authors), the statistics are in favor of having a healthy, breathing baby at the end of a pregnancy but the fact remains that miscarriages occur. Most pregnancies begin with a healthy fetus, growing in a normal uterus, and result in a healthy baby. Studies have shown that around 10 percent of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage. Very early in pregnancy, however, miscarriage may be confused with an unusually heavy, late menstrual period. So… [more]

Special Needs and Birth Defects

June 20th, 2007
Categories: Complications

One of the reasons you may be considering adoption is that your unborn baby may have been diagnosed with special needs. You may feel unequipped to parent a child with special needs. During your pregnancy, you could find out that your child has a special need, a disability, or a medical condition, such as Down Syndrome or a heart condition or defect. Sometimes whatever may be wrong could be corrected after your baby is born and other times the problem may be uncorrectable and a life long condition, such as Down Syndrome. For any pregnant women, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy was planned or unplanned, hearing that your unborn baby has or may possibly have some sort of special need… [more]

Pre-term Labor

October 4th, 2006
Categories: Complications

Pre-term or premature labor is defined as labor that occurs before 37 weeks of pregnancy is completed. This is too early for your baby to be born and can sometimes result in complications. The earlier your baby is born, the more complications he or she may have. About twelve percent of all pregnancies – that’s one in eight pregnancies – result in the delivery of a premature baby. Babies who are born prematurely are at higher risk of needing hospitalization, having chronic lung problems, having long term health problems, and even death. Premature labor can happen to any pregnant woman; even if she does everything she can to have a healthy pregnancy. Most of the time there is no known cause as to… [more]

Bed Rest

August 10th, 2006
Categories: Complications

You are sitting in the doctors office plumply pregnant, when all of the sudden your doctor says, "I think the best course of action at this point would be for you to begin bed rest!" Bed rest!!!! Those two words that every pregnant woman dreads to hear. Unfortunately, it happens! One in five pregnant women are ordered to bed rest that lasts at least twenty weeks by their doctors. bed I suffered through two pregnancies that both required bed rest. With my second son I was lucky and able to serve my bed rest sentence at home. I say lucky because with my first son, I did four plus long weeks of bed rest in the high risk unit of the hospital. Oh, that was… [more]