Going to School while Parenting

June 30th, 2008

Is one of the main reasons that you are considering making an adoption plan for your unborn baby because you want to finish your education? Nowadays, finishing your education while you are parenting is not impossible or as difficult as it once was. I’m not saying that parenting while finishing school is ideal or even easy. Parenting is never easy even when you are totally prepared for it but parenting doesn’t mean that you still can’t follow your dreams and pursue your career goals. Difficult? Yes! Impossible? No. In a recent post I wrote about a teen Mom who has successfully parented while completing her high school education instead of dropping out as many teen mothers do. More and more high schools and school districts… [more]

Finishing your Education

August 1st, 2007

One of the reasons you may be considering adoption could be that you have not finished your schooling. Perhaps you are still in high school and want to graduate or maybe you are currently in college pursuing a degree or about to begin college. Finishing your education while parenting may seem impossible but in today’s era, it’s not. Of course, it will be difficult and undoubtedly there will be challenges and obstacles, but it is a reachable goal. Nowadays, there are many alternative schools and college programs that will assist young mothers in parenting and finishing their education. If you choose to parent, it's still important that you pursue and finish your education not only for yourself but in order to… [more]

Finishing your education

July 6th, 2006

I was talking the other day about priorities. One of the priorities that most commonly conflicts with parenting is education—either starting or finishing it. If you are a teenager, you need to finish high school and possibly go to college. If you are in college, you probably don’t want to drop out. And if you’re pursuing an advanced degree, you might not want to put that off, either. It’s completely natural to be scared and overwhelmed when you think of raising a child while pursuing your education. Parenting is hard work, and it can take everything you have, leaving little energy left over to concentrate on school. But it's important to remember that being a student and a parent is not impossible. Plenty of women have finished school… [more]